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Jeff Earlywine – Business Consultant, Success Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Financial Planner


With over 30 years of experience and after working with more than 300 different organizations all across the nation, Jeff’s driving, disciplined approach to raising standards of excellence has earned him the nickname: “The Bar Raiser”


Jeff has an extensive background in business management, accounting and finance, and success coaching. With a dual degree in Accounting and Business Administration he has spent many years consulting with some of the largest organizations in the nation in the areas of tax savings strategies, entity structuring, asset protection, systems analysis and administration. Some of his most valuable skills are organization, consulting, leadership, and establishing processes.


For over three decades he has helped people and organizations structure themselves for tremendous professional and personal growth. His life passion is to equip people and organizations to reach their full potential.


What most people don’t know about Jeff… He learned early in life how to take charge and get things done. Raised in a single parent home, responsibility was thrust upon him at an early age.


Something yet accomplished on Jeff’s bucket list… Driving a stock car at speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour.


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Steve Turner

Steve Turner – Professional Business Coach and Organizational Consultant


Steve started his business career with one of the most respected companies in America, UPS, while attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. At age 20, he was promoted into his first management role.


In his 34 years on the management team of UPS, he provided leadership to various groups at the district, regional and corporate levels of UPS. This included five years in Europe at the beginning of UPS’ international expansion, where he was a Finance Director with responsibilities in 10 countries, followed by co-leading the integration of a newly acquired domestic package business in the UK into the existing international business. Upon his return to the USA, he moved into UPS Information Services leading groups that designed, built and deployed UPS financial systems for worldwide use.


Steve’s leadership experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments, and his genuine appreciation for recognizing the strengths of the individual, have prepared him well for his role in RPM Business Solutions.


What most people don’t know about Steve – He was blessed with an early understanding of the importance of listening to and caring for employees as individuals while at the same time, executing the responsibilities of leadership.


Something yet to be accomplished on Steve’s bucket list – Make a trip to the Holy Land and take a vacation in the Greek Isles, with his beautiful wife.


Greg Whitus – Marketing and Sales


Greg is a business professional with over 15 years of sales and marketing experience as well as 10 years of ministry experience as a pastor. He has a BBA in Marketing from TCU as well as a Masters of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.


While in ministry, he lived in France for three years and led an international church with attendees from around the world. In business, he worked with a variety of different sized businesses (small to Fortune 500) and created customized IT solutions that met the individual needs of his clients.


He is, by nature, a strategic thinker and is passionate about helping individuals, as well as organizations maximize their potential and achieve their goals.


His passion to help others achieve their potential coupled with his business experience have prepared him for his role at RPM Business Solutions.


What most people don’t know about Greg – Greg is passionate about the art of photography and owns, along with his wife Wende, a 360-degree photography and virtual tour business.


Something yet to be accomplished on Greg’s bucket list – Having traveled extensively in the past and having friends around the globe, Greg has one simple goal in mind – to travel to every continent (with the exception of Antarctica of course) in the world.



Randy Moore – Marketing and Sales


Randy is a seasoned marketer and veteran of years of corporate trade shows and HR management. Having spent early years in the world of banking as a Regional Training Manager, he also has a history of serving as a local pastor for many years. For 5 years he worked as owner and publisher of a Christian newspaper.


Randy’s work in HR roles of training and hiring make him a great fit for working with people on a personal level and providing added value to every experience.


One thing you might not guess about Randy is that for 12 years he made his home on his ranch in Montana, living off the grid, raising horses without running water or electric. Consequently, his wife still calls him “Cowboy” today!


Randy is also a musician has spent time on the road professionally and time as a studio engineer. He now regularly provides programs for churches and senior communities in Florida where he makes his home.


What most people don’t know about Randy


Something yet to be accomplished on Randy’s bucket list