Comprehensive Consulting Approach

 An innovative “Hybrid” approach…


RPM Business Solutions’ staff will work with you “and your team” up to 20 hours every month to maximize your workflow and create processes and systems in the following areas and departments (just to name a few):


Accounting and Finance

  • Weekly RPM financial analysis – very detailed and extensive
  • Training of your staff to monitor important financial markers such as:
    • Cash flow projections
    • Gross margins
    • Sales
  • Reconciliation of bank statements
  • Produce financial statements and hold a monthly financial meeting with ownership/management
  • Insurance policy deadlines and renewals

Operations and Organization

  • Workflow and processes developed and implemented
    • Sales/fulfillment process
    • H/R and hiring
    • Payroll
    • Accounts receivable analysis
    • Rebate collection
    • Cash flow and cash management
    • Measure all marketing efforts
    • Inventory management
    • Phone / answering
    • Workflow and delivery
    • Security and theft
    • Customer service
    • Job training
    • Store opening and closing
  • Policies and procedures put in place

Leadership and Ownership Training

  • Staff trained to follow processes
  • Ownership training focused on working “on” the business and not “in” the business

Marketing and Sales

  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Marketing efforts within
    • Within the business
    • The local community and
    • Around the world
    • Micromanage the customer’s experience
  • Implementing new marketing and sales programs – with numeric reporting on results

Human Resources

  • Assisting in hiring the right people, and removing the wrong people
  • Employee policy manuals developed