Man running track - jumping hurdlesRPM Business Solutions was founded by “The Bar Raiser”, Jeff Earlywine. Shared below, his background and passion has assisted him and his team in creating a company that helps you the business owner “raise the bar” of your life and company. Every company has a bar to be raised (or lowered) and each time you expect more of your staff, volunteers, customers or yourself you are raising the bar. When the bar is raised profits are increased, workflow is better and life is more enjoyable.


Jeff’s passion and drive was developed and learned early in life. He had to learn how to take charge and get things done. Raised in a single parent home (the text book definition of a latch-key kid), responsibility was thrust upon him at an early age. He also learned early on the valuable skills of organization, leadership, and administration. He has an extensive background in business management, accounting and finance, and business coaching. With a degree in Accounting and Business Administration he has spent over 30 years consulting with over 300 different organizations in the following industries:


    • – Legal
    • – Pharmacy
    • – Telecommunications
    • – Non-profits
    • – Chiropractic
    • – Direct Sales
    • – Real Estate
    • – Insurance
    • – Network Marketing
    • – Dental
    • – Medical
    • – Manufacturing
    • – Recreational Services
    • – Automotive


Jeff and his team have a personal passion to equip people and organizations to reach full potential. This same passion is the common thread that runs through everything that we do and everyone at RPM Business Solutions. That is why we are so committed to our client’s success, and why we dedicate so much time, experience and know-how to make sure our clients succeed at creating a better life and a more profitable company. Contact us today.



What a customer said about RPM Business Solutions





Jeff was put in my life at a very troubling time . My business was running but not excelling. I was working 60 plus hours a week, working in the field , office , sales, you name it I did it. Jeff, taught me to rely on key employees and let them do their job and constantly improve the business instead of physically work myself to death. Jeff helped me to find key employees, trained, rebranded, created processes and taught leadership skills. He was with me every step of the way.


After about a year, the business is running smoothly with great profits. If your ready to take your business to the next level RPM Business solutions is who you need coaching every step of the way. Dirty deeds cleaning services, thanks you Jeff.
Highly recommend…