Goal Setting, In Reverse

By Jeff Earlywine


As this year draws to a close I get so excited about next year. I am like a kid in the candy store, I just can’t wait for January. I love focusing on what I want to accomplish and then working hard to achieve those things; I just love the rush of that feeling. I love setting goals, but this year I am going to do this in reverse.


Come with me now… take a quick trip with me. Lets jump into a time machine and travel to the end of next year. As we do this you realize that each and every month was just incredible. You are blown away at just how wonderful. You developed relationships with people that you only dreamed of, created more wealth and business than ever before and overcame personal hurdles that had previously tripped you up. As we stop at the end of the year you have this amazing feeling inside.


Don’t leave that feeling just yet. Take a few minutes and stay there, and while you are there make a “detailed” list of all the amazing things that have happened. Then as you slowly come back to today make one more list. This list is what needs to happen so you will have this most incredible year. Don’t’ wimp out on me here. Be very specific on this list. These are not really goals, but action steps that you will take. Steps that will result in you making more money, meet that mentor you have followed for years, or lose those nagging twenty pounds. Steps that will cause what you saw to be reality in a short twelve months.


By working in reverse like this, and for only one year at a time, you can truly see what you want, feel how it feels and believe you can achieve it. These action steps will be what guides you all next year. Creating this powerful list now will almost assure that what you saw from the time machine will actually happen by the end of next year.

Jeff Earlywine is a business consultant, corporate trainer and international speaker. He has worked with 300 different organizations over 30 years. His driving, disciplined approach to raising standards of excellence has earned him the nickname “The Bar Raiser!”

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