Eleven Cornerstone Principles For Success


The legendary Joe Gibbs, Superbowl winning football coach and successful NASCAR race team owner, once wrote a book called Racing To Win. And in that that book he had a chapter entitled: Eleven Cornerstone Principles For Success. I encourage you to pick up the book, it will help you win the races you are facing right now. Below will give you a sneak peek into this particular chapter…



Eleven Cornerstone Principles For Success


1 – Choose a leadership style that is right for you.

2 – Pick the right people and put them in the right positions.

3 – You must define your goals.

4 – Success should be rewarded.

5 – The best communication is simple and direct.

6 – Problems must be confronted head-on.

7 – Play fairly and keep your team honest.

8 – We must learn to deal with adversity.

9 – Everyone is important.

10 – Good team leaders model hard work and discipline.

11 – Keep your priorities in order.

Jeff Earlywine is a business consultant, corporate trainer and international speaker. He has worked with 300 different organizations over 30 years. His driving, disciplined approach to raising standards of excellence has earned him the nickname “The Bar Raiser!”

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