Why do you do what you do?

A couple of days ago I received a very heart crushing email from a client. That email is below and as you read it try to put yourself in my client’s shoes.


Jeff… I wanted to reach out to you as I sit here on an airplane waiting to take off.  I am taking my daughter down to Tucson AZ to be admitted in an inpatient treatment facility specializing in PTSD behavioral health.  I have flights scheduled for tonight and am planning on working tomorrow.  I will be happy to have our coaching session but wanted to let you know how I am feeling.  The overwhelming emotions anytime we see our children suffering.   It also impacts my business because she is one of my key employees so it will be impacting the business and team in that way also.  Guidance and skills for balancing personal and business stresses simultaneously and how to focus on making a plan is a request of mine.  


If you are like me, as you were reading this short email you began to feel her pain. You felt her despair. Your felt her desperation for something good to happen. What I also realized is she was not writing to her psychologist , her best friend from college, or her neighbor – she was writing to her business coach. What do I say? How do I respond? What is the “new” agenda for our upcoming coaching session?


This is why I do what I do. This is how powerful a business coach is in not just the business life of a person but their personal lives as well. Below are just a few short ways that you can benefit from a coach. If one strikes a chord with you please don’t hesitate to schedule a few minutes with me. This can be done by clicking HERE.


  1. Accountability. The business coach will help the client determine what is important and continue to move towards those things each and every day. The coach will often put his arm around the client and figuratively pull them to the next level.

“Strong enough alone, you are not” …Yoda


  1. Overcoming challenges in your life and business. It has been said that the answer lies within. As often is the case, the business owner can’t see the forest for the trees, meaning ways to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities is often hidden in all the activity of the business. A great coach will help the client think through the challenges and determine the best plan of action to turn each challenge into an opportunity.

“I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work”…Ben Franklin


  1. Identifying goals, passions, visions and dreams. The coach will not only help the client identify these but will help lay out a plan of action to accomplish them.  The business coach will spend a great deal of time helping the client see that great things are coming, and that it is a process cooked in a crock pot not a microwave.

Coaching helps you develop your leadership skills, clarify your values and guiding principles and build your reputation.” –  John G. Agno


  1. Managing your time and schedules, instead of letting it manage you. Everyone knows that there is only twenty-four hours in a day and that they should spend that time being productive. The business coach will help the client understand what it takes to be able to build a business that does not consume them, while at the same time a life with no regrets. Because growing a successful business takes a great deal of time, the business coach will help the client identify ways to maximize his time. Sales, profit, the number of employees, and new opportunities are all unlimited; the one thing that is not is time.
  • – Are you managing your schedule, or is it managing you?
  • – Are you intentional with your time, or not?
  • – What is one thing you need to spend less time doing, and one thing that you need to spend more time doing?
  1. Discover what is working in the business and what is not. This must be done or the business owner’s competition will leave them in the dust. One of the biggest values that the coach offers is his perspective on the business; a new customer’s perspective. The coach has the ability to look at the business with “new” eyes, seeing things very differently than the business owner. Such as:
  • – The customer service department,
  • – How sales are handled and followed up on,
  • – The organizational structure of the company, and
  • – How the employees are treated by company leadership.
  1. Organization. The coach will help the client put systems in place to organize their life, business, and future. Systems run successful businesses, and people run the systems.
  1. Knowledge. Perhaps the greatest benefit the coach can be to the business owner is educating him on new strategies, procedures, and cost saving ideas. Because a business coach works with clients from many different cultures, income levels, business structures, and marketing concepts, he is able to propel the business owner to new heights with a wide-range of knowledge given during each coaching session.

“Of the Small Businesses that fail, over 90% do so because of a lack of skills
and knowledge on the part of the owner”
…Dunn and Bradstreet


Jeff Earlywine is a business consultant, corporate trainer and international speaker. He has worked with 300 different organizations over 30 years. His driving, disciplined approach to raising standards of excellence has earned him the nickname “The Bar Raiser!”

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